How We Select, Screen & Train Our Doctors

You may have heard about Doctor Insta from a friend or read about us or seen us on TV. Consulting a Doctor INSTAntly from anywhere, anytime sounds amazing; But, you must be wondering who are Doctor Insta Physicians and Health Specialists. So, here is more information on them and our process to have them: Each of our physicians goes through a rigorous selection process to become a part of the Doctor Insta network. Only a small percent of those who apply get selected just like in a Job Interview. Subsequently, each physician is monitored through our state of the art Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement process.

Initial selection of doctors involves an interview with our medical leadership as well as a thorough review of clinical experience, training, licensure and submitted questionnaire. Doctors are then subjected to a MCI (Medical Council of India) verification standard and background screen. After this, the doctors go through telemedicine training, a live interview and mock patient case with medical leadership on the Doctor Insta video platform.

We’re proud of the quality of our physician network. Selecting, screening and training our board-certified physicians is the most critical thing we do at Doctor Insta.

Here’s how we do it:

Selection and Screening

Every doctor is interviewed and screened, through a process just like a job interview. Doctors submit a comprehensive background summary on their colleges, residency and specialization. All of this information is verified with Medical Council of India and other regulatory bodies and associations. Here, We probably advance one doctor for every 20-30 applications.


Each candidate goes through extensive training reviewing 100s of clinical protocols. We review these protocols on video, going through everything from sinusitis to UTIs to what to do if there is an emergency. During the training phase we also review and remind our doctors about cultural competency and sensitivity (religion, race etc.).

Ongoing Quality Management

Finally, we measure each doctor’s performance, knowledge, chair-side manners and quality of care. This takes place in multiple forms including patient and peer ratings.

The patient rates each and every visit. That gives us a good understanding of the level of professionalism and the patient’s perspective on the level of helpfulness.

Through peer reviews another doctor blindly[u1] scores every physician’s video consultations. (Of course, in this review all patient information is kept anonymous.) The doctor’s peer score and patient score are combined with operational metrics to provide doctors feedback for improvement. Peer and patient reviews boost our quality and standardization.

Why do we follow such a lengthy and rigorous selection and training process? Doctor Insta is not just the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to see a physician. Doctor Insta is determined to provide best-quality care.