Cough / cold / flu / Allergies

Blocked nose, Runny eyes or Heavy head coming in your way? Doctor Insta can save you the hassle of physically visiting a doctor by diagnosing common symptoms related to upper respiratory infections. (Upper respiratory infections broadly include flu, sinus infections, bronchitis, runny noses, coughs and colds.)

Diagnosis – Listening

Our doctors will lend a patient ear to your descriptions of symptoms, recent travel, past history and surrounding conditions that helps diagnose upper respiratory infections.

Diagnosis – Inspection and Exam

Videoconferencing helps doctors examine signs of redness or puffiness in the patient’s throat. Other visual and verbal cues help doctors examine areas of pain and pressure in order to check for fluid buildup and signs of bronchitis.

Treatment Guidelines – Flu

A Doctor will gather the facts and conduct comprehensive clinical assessment of the patient. Based on this information, the doctor will figure out the right treatment plan for the patient.

Sore Throats

Sore throat is a common symptom associated with a series of ailments. Doctor Insta helps patients identify the ailment and consequently develop the right treatment plan.

Video conferencing helps our highly qualified doctors to evaluate the patient’s conditions based on the prevalent medical circumstances. Sore throat may be associated with colds, allergies, strep throat, tonsillitis or many other serious conditions.

As sore throats may signal early signs for flu. Based on the gathered facts and comprehensive clinical assessments, the doctors decide symptomatic treatment based on home remedies or modern medication.

Wondering how will it work?

Leveraging the myriad benefits of technology, doctors can utilize the high-resolution camera feature on your telephone to inspect a patient's mouth. Your doctor may also request information and other therapeutic data that will help them diagnose you effectively.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs)

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are a common group of conditions experienced by many individuals. Most likely the patients might have effectively encountered the symptoms and have been diagnosed with this condition in the recent past.

In the event that you are encountering excruciating urination or bladder pain, your doctor will determine the seriousness of the condition and thus make appropriate diagnoses by asking questions related to past diagnosis of the condition, discomfort while urinating, inciting events, fever, tenderness or back pain. In rare cases, a urinalysis may be required to make confirmed diagnoses and check for complications.

Prescription antibiotics and non-prescription advice from our experts will help in quicker relief from the infection. Our doctors will advise you about changes in diet, fluids to drink, activities to avoid and propose approaches to prevent future urinary tract contaminations.


Love exploring new places, foods and cultures? Don’t let the prospect of exposure and threat of illness dampen your spirits.

Doctor Insta realizes the excitement of adventure and provides a virtually travelling doctor during all stages of your travel.

When you’re about to travel, Doctor Insta can provide consultation on travel medicines, vaccines, prophylactic measures, dietary advice, prevalent illnesses in the area and symptoms to look out for.

Why wait till you return to find out what could have helped you stay sound? Seek our doctor’s advice so that we can help you enjoy as much as possible from your travel.

The availability of Doctor Insta over any internet connected videoconferencing device (most cell phone, tablets and laptop computers) provides globally accessible medical care and enables you to connect to a doctor from any part of the world. Doctor Insta’s team of doctors helps determine the seriousness of the patient’s condition and suggests appropriate solutions. This eliminates the fear of trying to find a Doctor in a new and unknown place. (Doctor Insta cannot prescribe medication internationally

However, we can suggest area specific solution. Well isn’t that some instant mental relief!

You are back-home from your exciting tour but some post-travel conditions are bothering you? The doctors at Doctor Insta will look into your travel history combined with accepted medical knowledge of triggers to effectively treat the conditions.

Sports Injuries

No doubt that sports and exercise are important for your healthy living. However, increased activity increases the risk of injury. Doctor Insta can help you identify the seriousness of your injury and give you that assurance that it is not severe.

Be assured your Doctor Insta Video visit experience will precisely be similar to a visit to the doctor’s clinic. Our doctors will assess the seriousness of your wounds through a couple of activities, deducing more about the injury and the level of pain.

Ankle sprains, wrist sprains, shoulder soreness and rib soreness fall into the category of minor sports injuries. Broken bones, severely torn ligaments and tendons fall under serious sports injuries.

Our uniquely designed diagnosis exercises help doctors gauge the nature of your injury and suggest appropriate care. Serious injuries may require follow-up with specialists while minor injuries may be treated with home care.

Diarrhea & Vomiting


Treatment of diarrhea involves answering a set of focused clinical questions including: For how long have you had it? What is the type? Has there been any exposure to sick individuals? Is there any travel history? The doctor can also check if the patient is running a fever. Some conservative measures to treat diarrhea include consuming large amounts of water and electrolytes. A special diet, over-the-counter and/or prescription medications may also be recommended by the doctor.


The cause and treatment for vomiting are often determined by a doctor during a video visit by answering a few questions, reviewing medical history, and a preliminary check-up. Doctor can also recommend diet plans to help the patient recover.

Doctor Insta can provide you instant care in the comfort of your home, for stomach and bowel upset issues which may be caused by an allergy, stale food, reactionary drug, germs, etc.

Doctor Insta can evaluate and treat most cases of diarrhea and vomiting. The doctor will be able to determine the severity, provide treatments and suggest additional medical care, if needed, along with any measures to prevent future illnesses.

Eye conditions

Facing trouble with one or both eyes can not only cause pain and inability to carry out necessary tasks, but also impacts a patient’s lifestyle. Getting instant and accurate advice for the eyes is very important.

Answering a few questions about the pain, previous eye damage & discharge and patient’s medical history can help determine the condition and severity. The doctor can then examine patient’s eye by asking for still photographs and doing eye maneuvers on camera.

Minor Conditions

Remedies like cold compresses, warm compresses and eye drops can be used for treatment of common and often minor conditions including stys, colobomas and pink eye.

Moderate Conditions

Doctor Insta can provide immediate care for more serious conditions including corneal abrasion that do not require emergency care, however, should be treated within 48 hours. For example if you have a severe abrasion, medication and/or a solution can be recommended by the doctor to help with the pain.

Severe Conditions

The patient needs immediate in-person care in case of most severe injuries such as a penetrating eye injury.

What we don’t treat:

There are many conditions Doctor Insta physicians can often treat effectively through a Video Visit right from a Heart Burn, sudden rash, a muscle sprain, back pain, an upset stomach and many more. But for more serious conditions like Cancer, AIDS, etc, a visit to a doctor or hospital is a must.

Patients who have complex medical problems that they have been dealing with for years are not likely to have a short term resolution to their problem and more likely to have aspects of their medical history that would be important to their diagnosis and treatment. Having a chronic condition means regular and frequent visits with your doctor that can be very time-consuming. For the most effective treatment of chronic conditions, it’s important to see your physician in person.