Top 10 benefits of Black Pepper

Dr. Ajay Rotte    14-10-2020 Consult

"And next time when you season don't just use salt but black pepper as well which will help and treat you and your future generation's physical as well as mental health"

What is Black Pepper?

Black pepper is the most common and widely used spice for seasoning around the world. It has sharp, pungent smell and flavor. It is a universal spice packed with high nutritional values.


-It adds the best taste to every type of food.
-It constitutes riboflavin, thiamine, sodium, potassium, chlorine and has zero calorific value. It also contains some amount of protein in it.
-It's a rich source of vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber and chromium.
-Besides being packed with good nutritional values it also has the capability to fight various diseases and boost our immune system.
-Black pepper has anti-oxidants and anti-tumorous properties so it is extremely helpful in breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer.
-Consumption of black pepper facilitates digestion.
-Its outer layer is used to break fats in the cell that means it can be used effectively for weight loss.
-In Ayurveda, black pepper is used as a respiratory relief element for long.
-It is used to clear the respiratory tracts in case of cough, cold and related issues.
-A well-known fact of this spice is that piperine in black pepper helps to cure depression.

Next time add black pepper to your food and experience a new set of taste and benefits to your life!!!