Remedies To Treat Minor Burns at Home

Dr. Amar Amale    04-01-2020 Consult

Minor burns have occurred to all of us during daily chores. Usually such minor burns don't require doctor's attention and can be easily treated with basic home remedies. There are several such home remedies that can come handy while treating a minor burn.


The first step after getting a minor burn should be to hold the burned area under cold water for few minutes.  It will help the skin's temperature to get back to normal and minimize the damage. However make sure not to put ice cold water directly on the affected area as it cause frostbite.


Burns often leave the skin dry, which causes irritation and discomfort. Apply a mild moisturizing lotion to prevent further dryness.  It will ease the discomfort and help the skin with its auto recovery process. You can also cover it with a loose sterile bandage after applying the lotion.


Honey acts as a wonderful home remedy for burns. Honey acts as a moisturizer and helps the affected area in recovering fast. Its antiseptic and healing properties will quickly heal the skin.


Another popular remedy is the use of fresh aloe Vera. It has soothing and rejuvenating properties and can be applied directly to the infected area. Aloe Vera will not only help soothe the burn but also reduce the chances of a scar.


A cloth damp with diluted Vinegar can be very effective in case of minor burns. Put the cloth on the affected area and it will ease the pain from the burn. Once the comfort reduces, change the cloth with another one dipped in diluted vinegar.


Turmeric is considered very effective in relieving the burns due to its anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties.  Application of turmeric prevents swelling up of the burned area. It can even be mixed with oils for more effective treatment.


Henna has been widely used for its various health benefits and treating skin burns is one of them. The cooling properties of henna help in reliving the burns and reducing the swelling of the skin due to the burns.


Take two strawberries and one teaspoon of sour cream and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the burnt area to reduce the inflammation. Wash it off after ten minutes from that area.


Take a tea bag, hold it under the cold water and collect it in a bowl. Gently apply the tea over the burn; the tannin acid of the tea will take the heat from the burn and give you relive.

10. MILK

Milk is another remedy that helps relieve the burn pretty fast. Soak the burned area in milk for about the 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat the same every few hours as necessary to relive the pain.