Men's Health: Tips for Skincare in Summers

Dr. Puneet Madan    08-06-2021 Consult

The harmful sun rays, dust and sweating during the summer season, triggers many skin related problems. The majority of men spend their time out due which their skin becomes dry and rough. The dust accumulated in their skin pores and cause many skin related problems like acne and scars. Despite these problems, men don't pay any heed to their skin and do not adopt any skin care technique. 

Let's know how men can look after their skin in the summer.

i) Clean the face twice a day
Due to heat, the skin becomes oily. In this regard, with the help of face wash or cleanser, you can clean your skin. It clears your pores and removes too much oil. Using a cleanser containing vitamin A, C and E, which make skin healthy and it also protects ingrown hair of skin.

Men need to exfoliate their skin thrice a week. Exfoliating removes dead cells and at the same time, it also provides skin nutrition and also brings the glow to the face.

iii) Do not shave too much
Avoid shaving regularly in the summer. Due to shaving daily, the harmful rays of the sun can affect the skin and also make skin dry.

iv) Use after shave lotion
Aftershave lotions help to restore skin moisture and oil after shaving. Apart from this, aftershave lotion helps to maintain skin sensitivity.

v) Eat a healthy diet
Healthy diets are beneficial for your skin. Tomatoes, oranges, almonds, and berries have anti-ageing properties. They act as antioxidants, thereby reducing the problem of wrinkles. Avoid the consumption of oily food.