Managing Stress During COVID-19

Ms. Juhi Parashar    19-05-2021 Consult

Our daily lives have been changed extraordinarily due to the COVID-19 outbreak. You may be experiencing an overwhelming amount of fear and anxiety, whether you are an adult or child. Learning how to cope with stress not only helps improve your overall wellness, it is an opportunity to improve our relationships with others.

Signs of Stress During Covid-19:

- Concerns about the health and wellness of yourself and your loved ones
- Unusual sleeping and eating patterns
- Difficulty Concentrating
- Decline in mental and physical health
- Increase in substance use

Ways to Cope with Stress:

- Entertain Yourself (Watch Movies/TV, Play Video Games, Learn New Hobbies)
- Connect with Others (Via Zoom/Facebook Messenger).
- Eat Well/Sleep Well
- Limit Social Media Consumption (Take Breaks, Take Walks, Read a Book)
- Exercise (There are plenty of free online resources)
- Practice Mindfulness (Meditation, Yoga, Qigong)
- Unwind (Get Comfortable and Treat Yourself Well)