How to De Stress at Work?

Ms. Piya Ganguly    16-02-2021 Consult

Wondering how to de-stress at work?  

Stress from tight deadlines and high stakes can cause us to lose focus. Dont let stress get the best of you.

1. De-clutter your desk: Remove those piles of papers, stacks of files and notebooks or loads of junk that has been lying uselessly around you for a very long span of time. This will help you free your thoughts and de-clutter your thinking as well.

2. Have light outings. Go for a lunch outside or take a walk in the park/outside your workplace. This will help you put things into perspective.

3. Share a good rapport with your boss: Since it is next to impossible to work with an angry, un-friendly boss.

4. Prepare To Do list: At the start of the day, make a to-do list for things to be done. This will keep you focussed and help you get a perspective of your work, keeping in mind the time allocated for the same.

5. Relax: Try to take things in a light vein. Cracking a joke or two sometimes can definitely make the situation lighter and reduce tension and stress.

6. Get Organised: Sticking to an apt schedule always helps. Try not to procrastinate. Allot specific time for specific tasks.

7. Set your priorities right. Out of the various things that are supposed to be worked on, decide the ones that need to be finished soonest and the ones that can be dealt with at a later stage.

Therefore, these few ways to de-stress your mind at work may be helpful for a happy, peaceful and satisfactory work environment