How To Boost Stamina Naturally Post Lockdown

Dt. Sonal Jain    27-08-2021 Consult

As we are slowly getting out of our homes, starting to go to office, we find that the stamina to do so isn't there. It's time to rewire ourselves - we just need to take small steps to reach back where we want to be and do so in a systematic manner.

Here Are Easy Ways To Boost Your Stamina Post Lockdown:

1. Eat At Proper Times
It makes a world of difference to our system which is closely linked to the solar clock. Set your meal timings and stick to them keeping a leeway of 30 minutes up or down. Eating at regular hours means the energy levels remain steady and don't sway from highs to lows.

2. Eat Nutrient-Rich Food
One of the best things that happened during lockdown was that we were eating fresh home-cooked food with mostly fresh ingredients. We learnt to make pizzas and burgers at home but all with fresh and healthy ingredients. Any food that is closest to its natural form, least processed and seasonal is the best for your health.

3. Drink, Drink And Drink Lots Of Water
We are in the thick of summers and need hydration. Even a mild dehydration leaves us exhausted; therefore, one must take adequate fluids, and a plain glass of water is the best option. But if just having water is monotonous, you can have fresh lemon water, coconut water, fresh iced tea, jaljeera or aam panna without sugar or with the minimum amount of sugar.

4. Include Nuts And Seeds 
In Your Diet Nuts and seeds are a Yes in summers too. You can soak them if you believe they are "garam" in summers. You can even add nuts to your summer drinks. Almond thandai is a healthy drink and you can even have it in summers.

5. Get Back To Exercising
The ones, who have taken this time to do nothing in the exercise space, need to restart. Never mind where you were when the lockdown happened, you need to start all over again. Don't get back to the high level of exercise immediately - get there slowly.