Foods To Reduce Body Heat Naturally

Dt. Tanya Punchhi    22-06-2021 Consult

Let's understand the top foods to help reduce body heat and enjoy the summer season without any hazardous effects:

1 Coconut Water:
The best drink during summers. Coconut water naturally has cooling properties that can help fight you against this year's scorching summer. It can hydrate your body and thus balances the temperature-generating electrolytes naturally. 

2 Buttermilk:
This healthy drink contains essential probiotics, vitamins, and minerals to keep our bodies cool even in extreme heat. Drinking buttermilk daily or maybe twice a day can help to cool down your body. 

3 Aloe Vera:
The natural cooling agent. It has a commendable effect when it comes to reducing body heat internally and externally. The gel can be applied to the skin and you will experience the cooling effect in no time. 

4 Mint:
One of the most commonly consumed herbs in India. It is usually added to the food or drinks to neutralize the heat effect from the body. It not only controls your body temperature but also provides a wonderful cooling effect. Adding mint to curd, buttermilk, or lemon water can bring you more benefits.

5 Watermelon:
In addition to mangoes, watermelon is another fruit that is often caught in the summer season in India. Usually, the water contained in drinking watermelon is as high as 92%, which will help prevent dehydration and keep the body cool. If consumed regularly, it can help control your body heat.

6 Onions:
It is surprising to know that even onions have a cooling effect. Well, it's considered to be rich in quercetin, which acts as an anti-allergen. It is also beneficial to protect you from sunstroke.