Early Signs Of Leukemia Every Woman Needs To Know

Dr. Richa Agarwal    31-12-2019 Consult

While leukemia may be infamous for being the cancer that strikes children and young adults, in reality, it affects more adults than it does children. Do always take any of these symptoms seriously should you experience them.

1. Tiredness, Weakness, Or Feeling Out Of Breath

Unfortunately, sometimes, fatigue can signal the presence of a cancer like leukemia.

2. Pale Skin And Anemia

Many women assume the anemia they're experiencing is due to a deficiency of this mineral. But anemia can be a symptom of leukemia as well.

3. Night Sweats

Excessive sweating, especially at night, is something that has dozens of possible causes. But it is also an early sign of leukemia.

4. Mid-Cycle Bleeding And Heavy Menstrual Flow

You may also notice an uncharacteristic bleed midway through your menstrual cycle. Some women with leukemia also experience heavy menstrual flow during their period.

5. Bruising, Petechiae, Gum And Nose Bleeds

When your body bruises very easily or very often, you should be aware that this could be a symptom of leukemia. Bleeding gums or very severe or frequent nosebleeds are other warning signs.

6. Swollen Lymph Nodes And Spleen

Some women who have an enlarged spleen may feel discomfort or even pain in the region beneath the ribs, to the left side. You may wind up eating less due to a false sense of fullness.

7. Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss is not a great sign and may be the result of an underlying problem, including leukemia or other cancers.