Do's and Don't during a Fever

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    19-11-2020 Consult

Most of us get really worried when we discover that we have a fever. In reality, the fever is a sign that the body is battling germs. However, that doesn’t mean that you should take the fever lightly. Like any other health issue, you have to be careful about a fever. However, in case of high fever, make sure you consult a doctor first.


1. Missing a meal
Often you don't feel like eating much during a fever, but that is not good for the body. You need the energy to recover and for that energy you need food. So, make sure you are eating during this time even if in small bites. Go for easy to shallow and digestive foods

2. Self-medication
It is important that in case of high fever you stay away from acting like a doctor. There are tons of medication available today, but they might not be in your best interest. Seek a doctor's advice.

3. Doing a hard task
In case of a fever, make sure that you are resting properly. So, stay away from any hard task like exercising, lifting heavy things, etc.


1. Staying hydrated
Fever is often accompanied by sweats, which can make a person dehydrated. So, make sure that you stay hydrated during this time.

2. Keep an eye on other signs of illness
Sometimes the fever is accompanied by nausea, seizure, restless, etc. So, it is equally important that you keep an eye on your temperature as well as other signs. In such a situation, contact a doctor immediately.