Do's and Don'ts for Diwali

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    13-11-2020 Consult

Ushering in truth and light, Diwali is celebrated nation-wide at the dawn of Amavaasya every year. It symbolizes the age-old culture of our country which teaches us to vanquish ignorance that subdues humanity and to drive away darkness that engulfs the light of knowledge. Diwali, the festival of light projects the rich and glorious past of our country and teaches us to uphold the true values of life.

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the following tips can go a long way in making the celebrations safe and memorable for you:

  1. Buy crackers from only licensed shops, avoid Chinese products
  2. Always accompany children while burning crackers
  3. Keep fireworks in boxes, away from children
  4. Burst crackers in open spaces like parks
  5. Maintain a two-foot distance from the crackers
  6. Keep blankets and buckets of water ready and accessible
  7. Keep regulators of gas cylinders off, protect curtains from stray rockets
  8. If your clothes catch fire, drop down on the ground and roll
  9. Wear fitting cotton clothes
  10. Pour water in case of burns. Do not smear ointment, butter or any other oily substance on wound
  11. Try and opt candles and diyas for decorating your home and save energy by avoid using lights!

  1. Don't cover crackers with tin containers or glass bottles for additional sound
  2. Always take a candle to the cracker to light the cracker, never do the other way round
  3. If someone gets burnt, don't remove the clothing (unless it comes off easily)
  4. Ensure that diyas or earthen lamps are not near any flammable material like wood, cloth or paper
  5. Decorative lights and electric lights should not be tied to metal poles
  6. Nylons or synthetic clothing should be avoided while burning crackers

First Aid Tips for Burns:
  1. Rinse the burnt area, without scrubbing it, and immerse it in cold water; do not use ice water
  2. Blot dry the area and cover it using sterile gauze or a clean cloth.
  3. If chemical burn then flush the exposed area with cool water immediately for 15 to 20 minutes

Eye Injuries:
  1. Do not rub your eyes.
  2. Use the corner of a soft clean cloth to draw particles out, or hold the eyelids open and flush the eyes continuously with water
  3. If a particle is large or stuck in the eye, do not attempt to remove it
  4. Keep eyes closed and go to the eye doctor.
  5. If there is any chemical that has entered the eyes, immediately irrigate the eyes and under the eyelids, with water, for 30 minutes. Seek an eye doctor immediately