Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? What You Need To Know

Dr. Gaurang Gupta    30-07-2020 Consult

What Is Dandruff?

This skin condition may cause your scalp to start flaking, leaving your hair dotted with gray or white flakes. It could also cause your scalp to feel itchy and dry. For some people, the scalp may even become red or swollen. Thankfully, it isn't contagious, but it can be embarrassing to be caught with hair that people may interpret as dirty or unsightly. 

Dandruff May Indirectly Cause Hair Loss

Dandruff-related problems like itchy scalp or scaling can impair hair growth or cause more hair to fall.

Chronic, Untreated Dandruff May Cause Hair Fall

Chronic scaling conditions of your scalp may increase hair loss and even bring on a temporary reduction in the hairs per square centimeter of your scalp - what is called reduced hair density. So if you have a long-term untreated dandruff problem, which means your scalp has been scaling for a while, it may start taking its toll on your hair and result in hair loss.

Treating Dandruff Naturally Could Alleviate Hair Loss

Some remedies meant to help treat your dandruff problem could also help with hair loss. Here's a look at some such remedies:

-Raw onion juice is an antifungal agent, making it useful for treating dandruff. But it is also a known natural remedy for alopecia areata which causes patchy hair loss.

-Garlic paste or gel applied to the scalp is another such remedy that is beneficial for both hair loss and dandruff.

-Lemongrass oil is a great hair tonic and could significantly reduce dandruff in your hair.