7 Unexpected Health Problems When Working From Home

Dr. Sourabh Kadel    14-05-2021 Consult

All of us dreamt of working from home before the pandemic. Well, all that seems green may not be that way forever. Imagine a time when we all wanted to skip that long commute to the office, avoid office politics and endless meetings.

Working from home is a good thought. But you could develop certain problems even without your knowledge. Here are 7 unexpected health problems you could develop while working from home.

1. Stress Eating
Stress is the cause of all health issues ranging from mental to physical health. Working from home can result in stress eating where you start craving calorie-rich foods that include more carbs and junk. If you have been stress eating, then reverse it by going out for a jog or run. This will keep you fit and benefit your overall health.

2. Weight Gain 
Working from home can leave you craving junk food. Make sure you consume a healthy diet that includes more leafy greens and fruits to stay fit and healthy. You can set a diet calendar and commit yourself to it every week. Also, consider regular exercise to your plan as it can benefit your overall health. Aerobic exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming, walking, and running will do you good. 

3. Loneliness
Aristotle, a renowned Greek philosopher said, "Man is a social animal". Well, we all socialize with everyone and that's what keeps us moving on with life and its various mysteries. Work from home reduces social life thus leading to self-isolation and depression. This can turn out to be a major mental illness. Make it a point to call your friends so you can go out on weekly meets. This will keep your mindset positive and healthy.

4. Back Pain 
One of the major problems of working from home is the lack of proper sitting posture. Longer durations of wrong sitting posture can cause severe back pain and spinal related problems in the future. It is recommended to sit straight and make sure that your laptop is placed at a height at which you are working. Also, drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. 

5. Text Neck
Text neck is a condition that most people face daily. It is referred to as a condition in which you keep looking at your phone for longer hours. When you move your neck back from the phone, you can get a neck strain or muscle stiffness equivalent to four bowling balls. Do not use your phone for longer hours and keep your neck straight while using it. 

6. Eye Strain
Using your mobile or laptop for more hours with high brightness can lead to eye strain and causes eye power to increase. Make it a point to use your gadgets on low brightness. This will relax eye muscles and give you a soothing effect. 

7. Anxiety
Working from home can leave you feeling leftover or anxious about your job performance as it derails you from interacting with your boss. All you need to do is set a schedule for your daily log in and log out time and stay in touch with your boss or supervisors regularly. This will avoid misunderstandings or overcommunication of certain tasks.