7 Incredible Health Benefits of Jogging

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    17-05-2021 Consult

Running and jogging are two identical aerobic exercises that can do a lot good for your overall health. The best part about aerobic exercises is that you can perform it anytime. Here are 7 incredible health benefits of running and jogging you need to know.

1. Jogging Benefits For Weight Loss
Jogging is the best weight loss exercise that is suggested by fitness trainers and dietitians. It helps you burn a lot of calories and curbs your appetite. You need to understand that without exercising you can become obese and that could mean bigger trouble. A 30-minute slow jog every day can stop that tummy of yours from popping out.

2. Jogging Benefits For Brain
Jogging can help in the creation of new brain cells thereby resulting in overall brain development and performance. An everyday 30-minute run or jog is said to increase body protein generated by your brain that helps in better decision making and sharpness. How does this happen? Well, this physical activity sends nourished blood to the brains that help in better thinking and balance mood keeping stress at bay.

3. Benefits of Jogging For Skin
Jogging increases blood flow and nourishes your skin cells. Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients that are absorbed by your cells and this helps you have vibrant skin. It also flushes out the bad toxins and waste products from your body. Your body produces stress hormones called cortisol that can make your skin look older. Jogging improves blood circulation thus fighting cortisol.

4. Benefits of Jogging Daily
Jogging is the ultimate exercise for a number of reasons. Here's what you can benefit from a 30-minute jog every day.

- Reduces risks of heart attack and other heart diseases.
- Help you fight obesity
- Helps you stay trim and fit
- Aids in better decision making
- Fights stress
- Prevents you from diabetes

5. Benefits of Jogging For 20 Minutes
If you're a beginner, then a simple 20-minute can do you good. What health benefits does this short duration exercise have to offer you? Here's what you need to know.

- Burns calories
- Reduces belly fat
- Refreshes your thinking
- Reduces mental stress
- Boosts immunity

6. Benefits of Jogging In The Morning
Well, you must be wondering what difference does it make between jogging early in the morning or late evenings. Early morning jogs have their own set of health benefits and here is what they are.

- Improves your productivity and keeps you active throughout your day.
- Reduces stress and keeps you calm
- Burns calories
- Jump-starts your metabolism

7. Benefits of Jogging In The Evening
Evening jogs are also as healthy as early morning jogs. Each has its own health benefits and this what you can benefit from evening jogs.

- Helps you sleep better
- Reduces stress
- Night running is a form of meditation from your hard days of work.