7 Health Benefits of Drinking Tulsi Milk

Dr. Nancy Malik    21-04-2021 Consult

Benefits of Drinking Tulsi Milk

1. Improves heart health

Tulsi is rich in antioxidant named eugenol. This is known to keep your heart healthy and well-functioning. It enhances oxygenation in the body to secure cardiovascular health. Also, milk supplies essential nutrients to the heart to prevent any complications.

2. Boosts immunity

Tulsi has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent oxidative stress. When combined with milk, this fantastic combination strengthens your immune system and helps you fight the common cold and seasonal flu attacks. 

3. Treats respiratory ailments

The mixture of tulsi and milk is great for your respiratory system as well. It not only clears your throat to cure cough, sore throat, common cold but also clears any blockage in the respiratory system. Drinking tulsi milk daily is also found to be beneficial for the patients of Asthma. 

4. Reduces stress and anxiety

After a tiring day at work, your brain needs to relax. Just have a warm cup of tulsi milk and you'll feel better. It relaxes your nervous system and releases mental pressure by decreasing the levels of cortisol. 

5. Treats headache and prevents migraine

If you are dealing with a headache, make a tall glass of tulsi milk and drink it with a relaxed mind. You would see your headaches reducing slowly. Also, this can be helpful in case of migraine. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of tulsi milk, it reduces the pain leaving a calming effect behind.

6. Prevents cancer

Both tulsi and milk are packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants which increases your immunity level and helps fight against cancer symptoms. Drinking tulsi milk on a daily basis would secure your overall health.

7. May dissolve kidney stores

Tulsi milk is a great diuretic that decreases the levels of uric acid in the body. It helps to flush out toxins from the kidney which would gradually dissolve the stones.