5 Ways to Relax your Mind

Ms. Juhi Parashar    11-06-2021 Consult

Our lifestyle, eating habits, unhealthy habits, stressed up routines, etc. adds to the stress of the mind and the body. Feeling anxious and stressed out while we are at work is normal. We all have to deal with a lot of pressure to meet deadlines. Eventually, slight stress or tension gives extreme pressure to the mind. Thus, it is essential to know some quick tips in which you can relax your mind.

1. Drink water and listen to music
When you feel stressed out or tensed at work, immediately have some water. Besides this, listen to your favorite music. It will help your mind to gain some rest and peace.

2. Take a break and go for a quick walk
Monotony and constant sitting give you stress. You need to freshen up your mind. For this, you must take a short break after every hour.

3. Eat healthy food
Our eating habits also decide the pressure on our mind. Thus, eat fresh fruits, nuts, lemon, wheat crackers etc.

4. Smell some relaxing essential oil
Apply a bit of the essential oil to your fingertips, tip of the nose and on the forehead. You can use lavender, citrus, orange, sandalwood essential oil in your pocket. 

5. Press your pressure points
Try to press your pressure points. Press your neck, palms, feet, back, the bottom of the head etc. to release the tension from the mind.