5 Ways to protect your eyes from Smartphone Strain

Dr. Amar Amale    24-09-2020 Consult

The blue light from the smartphone leads to toxic reactions in the retinal molecules. It leads to toxic chemical reactions which eventually kills the photoreceptors in the eyes. So, it is important to protect your eyes from the light of the phone. Here are a few things that you can do to protect your eyes from smartphone strain:

1. Remember to blink
Blinking is the best way to avoid dry eyes and it helps the eyes to relax. When we are using our smartphone, we often blink less. This tires the eye and makes them dry. Blinking also helps to refocus, so make sure your blink well while using a smartphone.

2. Take breaks
Taking a break is really important when you are using any screen. So, even when you think you are just using a small screen of the mobile phone. Make sure every once in a while you are using your phone, look away from it and look at something else. 

3. Brightness
The phone's brightness is important as too bright or too dim lights. So, the rule of thumb about this is to make sure the light on the phones matches the light outside.

4. Avoid using the phone at night
Many people have a habit of using the phone at night but it is actually really harmful. It not only disrupts the sleeping routine but also impacts the eyes in a negative manner.

5. Keep the screen clean
The dirt on the screen of the phone makes it harder to see. Thus, it adds more strain to the eyes.