5 Ways to Avoid Ear Infection in Babies

Dr. Vishal Parmar    29-04-2021 Consult

If your baby has an infection in the ear, then you can follow these tips and get rid of this problem and keep their health better.
1. Keep clean
Keep the surroundings clean because there are many germs and bacteria in the environment, which enter the ear of the infant and increase the infections.

2. Breastfeeding
Breast milk is most beneficial for infant health because it contains many nutrients that boost Immunity. 

3. Avoid the Day Care Center
There are many children in the daycare center and because of this, there is no excessive cleaning due to which there are a high amount of bacterias that enter your baby's ear and cause infections.

4. Don't keep the baby in a smoking zone
Tobacco present in cigarettes paralyzes the hair, which keeps the ear tube clean. It increases the production of fluid and mucus in the ear.

5. Do not drink milk on the backside
When you feed milk to babies while laying on the back, then milk can go to Nasal Cavity too. Because of which the baby's ear may have an infection. Feed them milk while keeping them in your lap.