5 tips to tackle Winter Dryness

Dr. Puneet Madan    02-11-2020 Consult

With winter comes a lot of dryness in the skin. Natural oils and dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin form a protective layer for the skin. This helps protect the skin from the effects of weather. Also, bathing with hot water damages a layer of the skin. As a result, the skin's natural oils begin to dry up due to cold weather conditions. Here are some tips to tackle winter dryness.

1. Moisture Is Essential
The visible redness on the skin indicates that your skin is dehydrated and is in dire need of hydration. Due to the redness of the skin, marks or spots can also be formed at that place. Take a gentle approach and use soft towels to dry the skin. Chose a moisturizer according to your skin type and apply it to your skin. 

2. Diet For Skin
It is believed that during this season, your immunity level reduces. To maintain immunity, you must keep your diet right. Eating foods rich in antioxidants can help you get a glowing skin. For the same, you can eat carrots, berries, beets, etc. to improve your skin.

3. Do Not Use A Sunscreen
We know that sunscreen is essential for all seasons, but in cases like these, when the skin is already irritated, one should steer away from the use of sunscreens. In such cases, one should understand that your skin needs more care than usual.

4. Consult A Specialist
Talk to your doctor and find out the exact reason for this skin problem. Accordingly, it will help in treating it. In some cases, it can lead to fungal itching due to itching continuously. Some common skin problems experienced during winter is eczema or dermatitis.   

5. Do Not Wear Woolen Directly
Wearing woolen clothes directly without any layering of cotton can increase the itching to a great extent. This is because of the ability of the cloth to attract dust and pollens. To avoid more such episodes of itching, do not wear anything woolen without any cotton layering to it.