5 Tips For A Safe And Healthy Holi

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    17-03-2022 Consult

It's time of the year again when we get together and celebrate the festival of colours with friends and family. It's HOLI!!! This is the time to think about healthy, safe and sustainable practices for a happy & stress-free celebration with your near and dear ones. However, we must not compromise our health for the sake of fun.

No doubt that the Indian festivals are diverse and it's amazing to take part in every single tradition and custom related to these festivals and Holi festival is no exception to this. In fact, it is one of the most important Hindu festivals and is celebrated with love and joy, across the world. During this time, a lot of people also get involved in activities which aren't really safe and healthy.

One of the examples of such activity is the use of chemical based colours and it is very sad to see people using these colours. These chemical colours might go into the top layer of your skin & can cause a breakout of acne and rashes. The second example is the purchase of sweets which might be adulterated and lead to digestive problems.

To make your Holi safe and healthy and the most enjoyable one, here are the top 5 tips you must keep in mind:

1. Don't forget to drink plenty of water: This is the time when you might get dehydrated due to all the running here and there and chasing your friends that you are likely to do. Since Holi festival comes at the starting of the summer season, it's essential that you drink enough water and stay hydrated

2. Keep your hair, nails, ears, & eyes: Apply a lot of oil to your hair and the complete body before Holi, don't wear lenses, use ear birds if playing with water and cut your nails and apply nail paints. These tips will keep your body intact from the harmful colours and water during Holi

3. Make your own Khoya at home: Adulterated khoya and mawa are unfortunately common in the market during Holi time. Make sure you make your own khoya at home so that you get the purest form of it.

4. Avoid chemical based colours and use natural homemade colours: Colours bought from the market may harm your skin & hair. Try and make natural colours from flowers like marigold and kitchen ingredients like sandalwood and turmeric or buy natural colours from market

5. Do wash your hands before eating anything: Since you indulge in colours the whole day so make sure to wash your hands properly before eating anything to avoid any infection

So, let's pledge to play a safe Holi this time by keeping in mind all the above tips. Also, don't waste food, water, & colours this festival.