5 Hidden signs that your Arteries are Clogged

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    05-01-2021 Consult

Arteries are those blood vessels that help to process the blood to all the parts of the body. It even helps the body to get proper nourishment. Thus, it is essential for all the blood vessels to stay healthy. There are certain things like cholesterol, fat and other vessels that clog the arteries and prevent the body to function properly. Here are the 5 signs which show that the arteries are clogged:

1. Back pain
Continuous back pain may be the sign of clogged arteries. Many parts of the body are unable to receive the blood as a result, the disc of the back becomes weak and aches badly.

2. Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction shows that arteries near your pelvis are not getting proper blood. This might be the initial symptom of a heart attack.

3. Stroke
When the plaque gets accumulated in the arteries going towards the brain, the blood is unable to reach to the mind. It makes the arteries of the brain dead.

4. Baldness
Many studies show that the main reason behind the problem of heart attack is the clogging of arteries. One must ignore them.

5. Pain in calf muscles
If your calf muscles are paining while walking or while standing, then this must be because of the clogged arteries. This happens when the arteries and vessels in the legs are unable to get an adequate amount of blood flow.