5 New Year's Resolutions For Good Health

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    03-01-2022 Consult

Ah, New Year's resolutions. Those things you embark upon with such gusto on January 1, determined that this. Will. Be. The. Year. Then, as always, life gets in the way. Here are 5 habits you can actually stick to for good.

1. Eat More:
Disclaimer: [Eat more] of the right foods!. For example, resolve to fit in more probiotic foods, like apple cider vinegar, and yogurt to improve your mood and cut cravings. If you do want to cut out guilty pleasures, don't nix them completely. Enjoying your cravings once in a while will make staying on track the rest of the time less grueling.

2. Go to sleep a bit earlier
If vowing to get eight hours of sleep every night is totally unrealistic, tell yourself you'll go to bed 15 minutes earlier than your usual bedtime. Keep shifting that number earlier and earlier, rather than vowing. Everyone has time to go to bed 15 minutes earlier. If you keep doing it, eventually you will be going to sleep an hour and a half earlier.

3. Clean your mind daily
Instead of telling yourself you'll be more organized this year (as you've vowed last year and many years before that), try meditating once a day. When people are stressed, hurried, anxious, or depressed, they don't want to keep their place clean. Mindfulness will help center you. When people start cleaning up, you can tell they're feeling better.

4. Take steps to lose weight
Really, take more steps. Instead of just worrying about working out during the week, I want my clients to turn their focus to accumulating more steps during their day-to-day activities. Even 500 extra steps for five days will lead to significant changes. You can also schedule breaks during the day to stroll around the block or walk to your coworkers' desks instead of emailing. This way, you're focusing on overall wellness.

5. Journal your favorite things
Instead of resolving to simply "be happier" this year, write down what you're thankful for each morning. No matter how challenging life is at that moment, take time, even if it's in bed, to remember everything you do have. This will help you have more joy in your life.