5 Medical Tests every Woman should Undergo.

Dr. Richa Agarwal    18-04-2021 Consult

There are a lot of changes that keep happening to every woman's body, from menstrual changes to pregnancy. Thus, every woman should undergo some medical tests which help to diagnose any abnormality occurring in their body. Moreover, every woman's body is different and so is the need for some specific tests. Here are some important medical tests for women:

1. Breast cancer screening:
Women mostly aged 40-75 suffers from breast cancer. If you have any history in your family related to cancer, you should definitely visit a doctor and undergo this screening while you cross the age of 35. These days, mammograms are used to detect breast cancer.

2. Blood pressure test:
Adults above 18 should undergo a blood pressure test twice a year. High blood pressure can lead to stroke, paralysis, heart attack, hypertension, etc. So, if you have high blood pressure, you should change your diet, practice yoga, and lead a healthy life.

3. Hepatitis C test:
Hepatitis C virus is very common in women, especially pregnant women. Undergoing this test once in a year is advisable. Adults with High-risk typically in past or current injection drug users need to be screened frequently.

4. Lipid panel test:
Your blood test ensures the total cholesterol level present in your body. It helps you to detect the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol which can kill your lifetime. Women above the age of 45 should definitely undergo this.

5. Cervical cancer screening:
It is the screening of detecting human papillomavirus or HPV. Women aged 21 to 65 are prone to develop this disease. The screening should be done every three years. If you undergo this screening every 3 years you may not need to undergo the physical pelvic exam. This is important because it may prevent the risk of cervical cancer.