5 Health Care tips you should follow this Summer for a Better Living

Dr. Amit Joshi    28-03-2022 Consult

A human body takes a real beat as the mercury rises to its peak this summer. Staying home sounds unrealistic, given our work and social commitments. However, cultivating the right habits this summer can make a difference.

1) Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest dangers of being outdoors in the summer is dehydration. "Drink lots of water!" - make this your motto until we hit July. Our body naturally loses a lot of moisture in the summer, so increasing the intake of water becomes a priority. Only the liquid can keep your body cool and skin soft. And yes, your mom is right!
2) Avoid Aerated Drinks

Aerated drinks can take care of your really hot day, avoid the temptation. Aerated drinks contain a high percentage of sugar which is bad for skin. Remember, your skin is already being exposed to the summer heat, and these drinks tend to augment its ill effects.

3) Avoid Heatstroke

Heatstroke is dangerous than dehydration and it affects the normal body functions in minutes. Headache and dizziness will also tag along with heatstroke and cause severe damage. The worst part is that children and elder people are more susceptible to it. They are more prone to heat strokes than others. If you are planning to be in the outdoors the whole day, carry plenty of fluids with you.
4) Give Your Diet a Berry Boost

Here comes another summer motto - "Berries are good!" It is necessary to give your diet a berry boost to cope up with this heat. Intake of blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries in any form (Raw/Juice) will work well. This will help prevent the damage to tissues caused by heat. Moreover, they are rich in anti-oxidants and keep your cholesterol in control.

5) Take Advantage of Fresh Produce

A good thing about summer is, there will be no shortage of fresh produce. This will be the ideal time to change your diet plan towards fresh fruits and vegetable as they will be available at affordable prices. Walk-in to your nearby grocery store or farmers market and take advantage of the fresh produce.