5 Foods to avoid in Osteoarthritis

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    14-10-2021 Consult

Osteoarthritis is caused by weakness and damage to the cartilage. It causes pain in the joints of the neck, hands, finger, elbows, hip during cold weather. There are some foods that can harm your joints. Here are 5 foods to stay away from, in the case of Osteoarthritis:

1. High salty foods
Consumption of salty foods such as fast food, pizza, chips, etc. is harmful to health. This makes the symptoms of arthritis worse. Due to high levels of salt in the body, water retention becomes a problem in joint cells. Due to which swollen joints come in the joints.

2. Bakery food
Bakery foods contain yeast and starch with a high quantity of processed sugar. Which makes swelling worse in joints and increases the effect of the disease.

3. Alcohol
Alcohol consumption should be avoided when arthritis is concerned. Having any type of alcohol increases the likelihood of swelling in the joints.  

4. Red meat
Red meat contains omega-6 fatty acids that are not beneficial to you. When the amount of omega-6 fatty acids in the body increases, cholesterol level, and fat cells also increase, due to which the swelling increases in the joints.

5. Fried food
Fried foods intake is harmful to health. Consumption of these foods increases cholesterol levels in the body due to which swelling in the joints increases.

Avoid eating certain foods that should be avoided in case of osteoarthritis.