5 Foods to Consume if you are Lactose Intolerant

Dr. Gulneer Puri    13-07-2021 Consult

Lactose intolerance is caused by the lack of lactose in the body, which makes it difficult to digest lactose. Lactose intolerance is not diagnosed, but due to this many health problems occur, such as diarrhoea, bloating, gas and nausea. This problem is majorly found in adults than in children. Here are five foods safe to consume if you are lactose intolerant:

1. Curd
In curd, lactose is in small quantities and due to this, there is no problem with its consumption. The good bacteria present in the curd helps you digest it easily. So if you have lactose intolerance then you can consume curd.

2. Green Vegetables
In green vegetables, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are present in the high quantity which provides adequate nutrition to your body. Moreover, it also improves the health of people with lactose intolerance.

3. Cheese
The cheese contains sufficient amounts of protein and calcium which cater to the deficiency of nutrition and also provides many health benefits.

4. Almond
Almonds contain vitamin B12, magnesium, and phosphorus in high quantity, which protects the body from allergies and also provides many health benefits. Almond is also beneficial for mental health and works as an energy booster. 

5. Soy milk
Soy milk contains low amounts of calories and lactose. Apart from this, soy milk also contains proteins, calcium, and vitamin, which strengthens bones and strengthens the muscles.