5 Foods To Avoid During A Cold Or Flu

Dr. Bhavani Surampally    15-07-2020 Consult

Stay away from these foods and you'll do yourself a world of good and recover sooner.

1. Oily Foods

Deep fried and fatty foods can cause inflammation in the stomach and leave you with an upset stomach. Greasy foods and foods high in fat can adversely impact the immune system and delay recovery. Fried chicken, French fries, or any other deep fried foods must be avoided.

2. Dairy Products

Low-fat dairy products may be alright to consume. But, those with high-fat content must be avoided. In fact, a glass of hot milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder can cure a common cold. However, since most dairy products contain high levels of fat and can increase mucus production.

3. High-Sugar Foods

Refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives are common ingredients in packaged juices, donuts, candies, or other high-sugar foods. Sugar interferes with the body's mechanism to fight the bacteria that causes cold and flu. Sugar increases congestion, reduces the ability of white blood cells to fight illness and provides a conducive environment for the bacteria to thrive. If you must drink fruit juices, make them yourself at home, but don't add sugar. If you must add something sweet, consider honey or maple syrup, which contains many beneficial minerals.

4. Meat And Meat Products

Meat and meat products are something to be avoided, at least temporarily until the bout of cold and flu has passed. Meat products take longer to digest and your digestive system must work overtime to completely assimilate them. Sticking to vegetarian foods during this time enables your body to recover faster and fight the illness more efficiently.

5. Fast Food And Processed Foods

Forget illness, even when you're healthy these foods are not good for you. So, when you are down with a cold and flu, you better stay away from fast foods and processed snacks. These foods contain less of nutrients and more of preservatives. They hardly help boost your immunity and mostly hinder recovery.