5 foods that increases your Toothache

Dt. Sonal Jain    26-05-2021 Consult

A toothache is an annoying problem that can be extremely painful sometimes. Our diet plays a huge part in keeping our teeth healthy and strong. That is why dentists also advise us to eat healthy foods and restrict us to drink and eat a few foods. So, here are some foods that can trigger your toothache: 

1. Soda:
If you have a toothache, soda can make your ache more intense. It promotes bacterial interference too. The sugar content present in a soda can make your teeth weak and it is harmful to your gums also. 

2. Ice cream:
Sensitivity can be one of the major causes of a toothache. Ice cream can trigger your sensitivity easily. So, if you already have a toothache, consuming ice cream can increase the pain even more.

3. Citrus fruit:
Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, pineapple, gooseberry have vitamin C. So, these fruits can destroy your tooth enamel deliberately. Thus, whenever you have a toothache, never eat these citrus fruits in an excessive amount. 

4. Coffee:
Coffee is high in caffeine, which is not good for the teeth. Many dental problems can be triggered by caffeine. So, it can be extremely bad for your tooth if you already have an ache in it. So, you can consider coffee as a reason for a toothache. 

5. Consuming excessive pain-killers:
If you consume painkillers daily whenever a toothache occurs, it will harm you more than giving you relief. Painkillers can make the nerves numb and can affect your teeth. Make sure you consult your dentist before having any painkiller.

If you are having a toothache for a while, talk to a dentist and find out the reasons for it. But make sure you avoid these things.