4 Signs you are affected by Air Pollution

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    12-06-2021 Consult

Despite the changes in air quality, it is plausible that the pollutants might have affected your health. Your health can deteriorate when air quality is poor. It can exacerbate a plethora of respiratory diseases and other serious health conditions.  Here are signs that you might be affected by pollutants: 

1. Difficulty in Breathing 
Respiratory problems, chest congestion, etc. are some of the major signs that tell you that you are affected by air pollution. So if you are feeling out of breath or struggling to breathe, you should definitely consult with the doctor. 

2. Dizziness and Headaches 
Pollutants present in polluted air can give rise to all sorts of ailments. Nausea, feeling sick or extreme headaches are some of the common signs attributed to pollution. 

3. Irritated Eyes and Throat 
Toxic pollutants can lead to irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat. It can elevate to serious allergic reactions and serious health conditions. 

4. Asthma Attack 
If people suffering from asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease breathe polluted air, it can result in an asthma attack. It can make people feel breathless and cough more. 

Precautions You Should Take 

1. Before going out of the office, consider checking the air pollution levels in your area. This will help you take precautions to safeguard your health accordingly. 

2. You breathe deeper when you are physically active and come in contact with more contaminants. Therefore, limit physical activity especially when in a polluted area. 

3. Pay close attention to the air quality in the house because it could also be harmful to your health. 

4. If you can't avoid going out in this weather condition, make sure you wear masks. 

5. Consuming jaggery and honey regularly during the smog can also help cleanse the lungs and build stronger immunity