4 common reasons for Dark Yellow Urine

Dr. Amar Amale    30-03-2021 Consult

The color of the urine is determined by the hydration level of the body. If you are hydrated enough you will pass clean, colorless urine. The darker the color of the urine, the serious is the condition. A pigment called urochrome pigment, urobilin, which is responsible for the coloring of the urine. If you are excreting out dark yellow, green or red urine, you must immediately rush to the doctor. Letís discuss various reasons that lead to the yellow urine. 

1. Dehydration
During the workout we all shed a lot of sweat, which makes our body dehydrated, as a result, we excrete out the yellow urine. Without an adequate amount of water in our body, our muscles tend to break down. Thus, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. 

2. Diet, vitamins, and minerals
If we include supplements in our diet, our urine color changes drastically. The presence of excess vitamin B, vitamin C, Vitamin B12, etc. affects the color of the urine. Consume these food products in moderation. Berries, beetroot, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potato should be eaten wisely and not all at one time.

3. Medicines
Antibiotics, laxatives and other drugs lead to yellow urine. If you feel burning sensation along with the yellow color of the urine, you must immediately see your doctor.

4. Medical conditions
Jaundice, kidney problems, bladder infection, liver problems, etc. may lead to the change of the urine color. The strong smell of the urine along with inflammation in the bladder might be because of the kidney infection. So, do not ignore these signs and immediately seek medical help. 

You must not ignore this condition and try to find out the reason that leads to dark urine.